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[Y/N] and Zenitsu sprint through unfamiliar woods. Branches snapped under frantic footfalls. Neither can hide nor be stealthy to escape.

They’ve been running for a long time. [Y/N]’s guts agonizingly burn –shouting for respite. Horror is the only thing keeping their numb legs from collapsing.

This morbid tale begins on a trip. Inosuke had said they should go camping. Tanjiro suggested new woodland that was established. Popular for people to explore isolated wilderness.

[Y/N] had been so excited. Living in an overcrowded, noisy city could be annoying sometimes. Hiking, scary campfire stories, savory foods, and it’s all a bus ride away.

Until, like a dark comedy playwright, everything goes wrong.

Only if it was a play. It’d end in applause instead of screams and disaster. Each character’s fates were inevitable.

When the group arrived they set up camp and Tanjiro offered to gather fire wood. Inosuke declared he’ll lead a hiking trip. So they followed him. For a small territory it had a whimsical landscape. A multicolored treasure among a barren steel wasteland.

Shrubbery quivered. “Wh-what’s that?!” Zenitsu grabbed [Y/N]’s arm and hid behind them. “A b-bear?!”

“I’ll fight the bear and win!” Inosuke shouted.

An answer appeared. It’s no bear.

A mask-wearing man jumped out from the bushes. It’s a fox mask. Blue haori dressed over midnight-black clothes. He flourished a sword.

“Who’re you?”

“Yeah!” Inosuke glared and pointed at the guy. “Why’d you scare us huh?!”

Fox Mask surveyed the clearing. Then he lunged at them.

Inosuke bunched his muscles and braced for combat. Grabbing Fox Mask’s arm, spins him around using the energy, and hurls his adversary into a tree. “Run you guys!” Inosuke retreats taking a punch and dodges another. Dropping to the ground he sweep kicks Fox Mask.

Zenitsu drags [Y/N] away.

“What about Inosuke?! We have to help him!”

“We have to get help!” He yanks out a map from his backpack and shakily unfolds it, tripping over gnarled earth. “There should be a path to-”

Feet flip overhead, Zenitsu painfully smacks the ground. The map flickers away. [Y/N] can’t catch it. Fox Mask slowly marches towards them. A sword blade glints under flecks of scorching sunlight. Shadows loom sinisterly above. A weak breeze shifts leaves and quickly departs as if scared of approaching danger.

Gold-colored eyes examine the mask.

“Zenitsu!” [Y/N] tries to help him up but he pushes them away. Trembling fearfully, but his voice rings with a surprisingly brave certainty. “Run, [Y/N]. I won’t let him hurt you.”

“No I won’t-”

He grinned. Zenitsu’s eyes never waver from Fox Mask’s. Apprehension is muted by bitterness. He’s pissed off. “Whoever you are,” Zenitsu spat. “I can’t forgive you for attacking my friends!”

A thunderous war cry destroys silent atmosphere. [Y/N] never expected Zenitsu to be this heroic. An arm swipes at Fox Mask. The sword swings upwards –Zenitsu evades it. He tackles his opponent in a durable grip. Zenitsu’s strength is nonexistent but he has marvelous agility.

Stunned, the guy throws his sword and kicks Zenitsu away.

[Y/N] dives to grab the weapon-

“Blood demon art: water wheel.”

Water transforms into serrated rings that fly through air. Tossed at Zenitsu they sever his arms.

Time freezes.

Arms violently bounce away. Blood drips from the wounds in heavy globs. It trickles down his chin. Zenitsu silently screams. His lungs can’t inhale any air.

[Y/N] only has time to look when a force knocks them over and recovers the lost weapon. Fox Mask is just a blur in their view.

Sword blade sinks into Zenitsu. It stabs clear through. He feels the lightweight metal cut past his ribs and grazes his spine and strike through the ground.

Vision blurs. His mind is cloudy. But like a thunderbolt Zenitsu realizes who Fox Mask is. He can’t say anything. Can’t move. The sword is violently wrenched free and his body fall aside.

[Y/N] screams. They run and catch Zenitsu. Blood soaks into their jacket. Frantically they try to hold him up. Tears sting their eyes. [Y/N] can hear him faintly breathing and they lean in to understand what he’s saying.

Zenitsu smiled halfheartedly. “I’m…s-sorry…”

Then he sinks; his last breathe so weak it hardly reaches past his bloodied lips.

“No!” [Y/N] sobs. They glare at Fox Mask resentfully. “Coward! Why did you…why?!”

“Blood demon art…” he muttered.

“Where are we going?” They doubt Fox Mask is going to let them go. Icy cold water traps [Y/N] in an inescapable prison. The magic moves like serpents latching onto a meal. Fox Mask pulls his prisoner along a dirt path. Astonishingly he’s patient. Their struggles do nothing. And he refuses to answer any questions.

Fox Mask leads them to a boulder. Messages of fortune and wishes are taped on the stone surface. He mutters a magic spell and the boulder splits in half, and there’s a portal. They walk through it.

[Y/N] guesses they’re in another world. Landmarks are the same, like looking at one’s reflection in a clear pond. But subtle distinct differences suggest the woodland stretches further out than it had. Ancient buildings stick out from green rooftops. “Hey!” [Y/N] kicked their captor’s heel. It’s a bad strategy but they’re irritated that Fox Mask won’t reply to any questions. “Remove your mask! Who’re you?! Why’d you-”

He turns his head and side-glances [Y/N].

Wordlessly he walks on into dense woodland.

They eventually reach a castle crafted out of smooth stone. Plants ascent circle-shaped windows and garden statues of people [Y/N] doesn’t recognize. Small water fountains stand at either side. Most of the ground is sand. Birds chirp lively songs. Animals jump through the territory lightheartedly. It’s too serene. Too magnificent.

A woman answers the door. Are there no guards? [Y/N]’s jaw dropped. It’s Nezuko! But she has longer hair, glowing pink-colored eyes, and elegant clothes embroidered in golden patterns. “Brother! You completed your mission.”

[Color] eyes dash towards their captor. “Tanjiro?!”

The three sit in a spacious tea room. Nezuko dismisses servants who pour [drink] and smiled at [Y/N]. They warily eye their surroundings.

“Running away is impossible. Only demons can travel between the human and demon world from here.”

[Y/N] begrudgingly sat and drank [drink]. If Tanjiro wanted to slay them he would’ve already done so. They’re bewildered that magic and demons exist.

But why did Tanjiro attack his friends and bring [Y/N] to the demon world?

“I…thought you died, Nezuko.”

“She almost did.” Tanjiro frowned. “My family got attacked by thugs.”

[Y/N] remembers. They had hugged Tanjiro as he cried. It seemed as if he’d cry forever. He hardly talked or ate for days. [Y/N], Inosuke, and Zenitsu made sure to cook for him and help Tanjiro through his mourning.

He laughed bitterly. Tanjiro’s eyes shine with unnerving venom. “Just because we had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nezuko and I survived but she was dying.”

“The doctors fixed my wounds but I got weaker. I…missed the beautiful blue days the most.” Nezuko blinked tears away. “That’s the last time I got to see any.”

“I searched for anyway that I could help her. And to find out who did it. Then I met Mr. Urokodaki. A demon.”

Tanjiro’s dispirited voice changes into a happy lighter tone. “Mr. Urokodaki offered to turn us into demons. To be immortal. But we had to gather human blood for him.” He laughed, unsheathing his sword. His sinister smile could scare the bravest fighter. “I got vengeance.” His eyes shine violently. “I slayed Muzan and most of his gang with this sword.”

Nezuko smiled proudly at Tanjiro. “We live in this castle now. It’s amazing. We have supernatural powers –ones people can only wish for.”

Tanjiro faced [Y/N], his features sophisticatedly polite. Much like how an illustrious king sits at a throne. “I made my own group. Mr. Urokodaki, Giyu, Sabito, and Makomo are part of our army.”

“They’re wonderful friends.” Nezuko nodded.

[Y/N] dropped their mug. It clattered loudly onto the table but didn’t fracture. No one moved to clean the [drink] as the human abruptly stood up. “Friends?” They unsympathetically laughed. “What about Inosuke? Or Zenitsu?”

Tanjiro’s gaze met [Y/N]’s. It didn’t convey any emotion. “They were my enemies.”


“They liked you. So I cut them down.” If Tanjiro had saved them, he knows they would’ve never given up at escaping. Because the two adversaries are gone, [Y/N] doesn’t have a reason to go to the human world.

Blinking, Nezuko realized something. “Didn’t Tanjiro tell you?”

He blushed, his eyes staring at flowers in an exquisite vase on the tea table.

“Tanjiro brought you to the demon world because-”

“I want us to get married.”

Nezuko giggled. “He’s been talking about you nonstop!”

[Y/N] stumbled away from the demons, baffled.

Nezuko’s gaze despondently dropped. “I know. It’ll be a difficult change. But,” she looked up and smiled kindly at her friend. “I’m sure you’ll see this as your home. Being a demon will be fun! You can’t die. Injuries heal quickly. And-”

“I don’t want to be a demon! Or marry Tanjiro!”

Sorrow. Tanjiro quivers, trying not to cry. He’s too strong for that now. As a demon king, he must never hesitate.

If he spends more time together, [Y/N] will see how wonderful their new life will be.

Nezuko stood up and snapped her fingers.

A dark-haired man with deep blue eyes soundlessly appeared at Nezuko’s side. He bowed. “Yes ma’am?”

“Show [Y/N] around the castle and to their room please. Thank you, Giyu.”

He smiled sweetly at [Y/N]. Their gaze didn’t convey any love. Tanjiro’s eyes are unmistakably melancholy.

“You,” [Y/N] glared at him maliciously. “You hurt our friends. I didn’t get to choose my own path either. What if I had wanted to stay in the human world?” They want to punch Tanjiro but they’re outnumbered. A demon’s expertise in combat is incomparable to a human’s.

Tanjiro’s smile vanished, but a small existence of it remained. The demon king never wanted his love to hate him. But Tanjiro is a patient man. He won’t give up. “I’ll show you how I’ll be a wonderful husband, [Y/N]. One day I know you’ll love me.”

Laughable. This world is laughable. Beautiful as a mirror but very deceptive under that flawless surface. Everything is upside down and surreal. A bloody fairytale. [Y/N] had tried (and failed) to return to the human world. When there’s a spark of hope in their gut it’s wrenched free from their shaking hands.

A magic spell traps them in the demon world. Running is pointless. The earth beneath their feet turns into water and they plunge into a murky nothingness. The only way to escape is to wish to be by Tanjiro’s side. The curse unceremoniously dumps [Y/N] across from him. The Demon King always gives a warm smile upon their return. How many days has it been? [Y/N] has lost count.

Tanjiro holds up an elegantly crafted bracelet. Stones of [color] shine in candlelight.

“I don’t want your trinkets or flowers,” they hissed. [Y/N]’s shoulders sink sadly. “I want to go home.”And,they added silently,I want my friends back.

A smile wanes into a somber frown. “Do you want to go explore the rest of the kingdom? I have a chariot. Or would you like to go on a pic-nic?”

Silence engulfs the air. Tanjiro’s sad gaze stares at [color].

A servant appears and delivers a meal. Delicious and mouth-watering food covers the whole surface. [Y/N] absentmindedly tears apart their food trying to ignore the bitter metal smell of blood. It’s always there. A bowl of it sits next to Tanjiro and he sips blood, his beautiful eyes never leaving theirs. He looks to be in deep thought. Cold wrath emits from [Y/N] and even here, Tanjiro feels so far from them.When will you smile again?

Days later he finds them doing [hobby]. It’s morning and in the castle is in eternal darkness but the king kindly had servants build one room that let in sunlight –just for [Y/N]. Their back is facing him so he can’t read their expression. Tanjiro guesses they are happy. “Love? Can I talk to you?”

[Y/N] freezes. Wordlessly they put away their tools and turn to face him.

Tanjiro takes a step but carefully avoids the light. Extending a hand he smiles. [Y/N] stared at it baffled. “You’ll turn to ash.”

The Demon King chuckled. “It’s worth it if I can be by you.”

Heartbeats later [Y/N] takes Tanjiro’s hand. He picked them up and spun in an elegant circle before sitting them in his lap. [Y/N]’s surprised by how sturdy Tanjiro’s heartbeat is. For some reason they expected it to be still.

“Tomorrow we’re getting married. I’m so happy.”

“So I’ll be a demon then?”

He nodded.

Bitterness bleeds into [color] eyes. Their gaze is piercing and slighting terrifies Tanjiro. Are they looking past him? He knows [Y/N] is searching for something, but what? The old Tanjiro? The one they knew before he became a demon?

“Why not marry someone else?”

“Because I love you.”

[Y/N] scoffed. “Love is for fairytales. No matter how much you try this isn’t going to be one, Tanjiro.”

The Demon King rested his chin on their shoulder. “Do you know why I love you?”

[Y/N] didn’t answer.

“You’re smile. It brought me out of the pain masking my senses. And you were the first to help me out when I lost everything.” Pain flashed in his eyes. “Everyone else could only stare, slack-jawed, or whisper. Like I was some funny thing to laugh at and not a human in agony. You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

[Y/N] stared blankly at their reflection in a mirror. Nezuko hummed happily as she brushed [color] hair into beautiful trinkets. Expensive fabric of [color] and [pattern] are embroidered with gold. “You look wonderful! Are you excited?!”

If I’m a demon could I even go home? It won’t be the same without Inosuke or Zenitsu.

Nezuko looked sadly at [Y/N]. She too wanted her friend to smile again.

“I don’t belong here, Nezuko. I don’t fit in. I miss the old times when we were all in the human world. I understand why Tanjiro got revenge. But he could’ve left us alone.”

The woman blinked tears from her eyes as she lifted [Y/N] up to their feet. “Come on. It’s a long journey to the Demon Shrine.”

The chariot is very Baroque. Giant monsters are connected to the chariot and patiently wait for the passengers to get in. Tanjiro speaks a command in demonic language and the creatures gallop away into the endless forests. The trees are taller than any structure and their leaves glow various colors. After many hours the chariot emerged from the woods and onto stone floor. Ankle-deep water covered the path. The Demon Shrine is an inspirational speck upon the mountains, standing like an elegant crown upon a noble’s head.

Eerie laughter descended upon the chariot, floating like smoke. Demonic whispers. Tanjiro commanded the beats to run at full speed. Their powerful legs kicked up waves of water. Branches of the element listened to the Demon King’s magic and mercilessly attacked these strange enemies.

A human doesn’t belong here,” one shadow said.

Especially one that rejects the very fabric of our existence!

Better hurry Demon King if you want to save them!” Another taunted.

Turn back Demon King. Or the human is dead.

“Never,” Tanjiro muttered. Icy terror rattles his bones and senses. The lighthearted disembodied laughter never silenced.

The carriage rattled so much that [Y/N] was harshly tossed around. Shadowy monsters slammed against the sides and ceiling. One tore apart the top and boney wispy hands pulled [Y/N] out from the chariot. They screamed.I wish Tanjiro had given me a weapon to defend myself!

Lunging, Tanjiro skewered a monster with his sword. Slashing at every adversary he then cut the ties to the carriage away after pulling [Y/N] into his arms. The chariot veered off the path and crashed into the trees. Tanjiro and [Y/N] tried to outrun these shadowy monsters on a beast as the others fled.

The beast is killed by a serrated arm stabbing through its heart. The two riders are tersely hurled onto the ground and into battle. Tanjiro staggered as the beings taunted him in sing-song voices. He heroically parries every attack. His demon arts don’t have any effect on them. The enemies attack like an army of angry insects.

One is more terrifying than the rest. Like an arrow it whistles as it flies and pierces [Y/N] with magic. [Y/N] shouts with surprise as they’re sent flying. The shadows fall back and Tanjiro runs to his lover.

Holding [Y/N] is his arms, The Demon King cries. Blood trickles down their mouth and their scary wounds saturate the fabric. Blood colors the clear waters a murky dark red. No demon arts could heal them. [Y/N] wouldn’t be alive long enough to turn them into a demon either.

“Please…please don’t,” Tanjiro said through strangled cries of heartbreak. “Don’t die! I can’t lose you! Not you!”

[Y/N] took in a ragged breath. Tanjiro grabbed their hands wishing to anybody or anything that would listen, to save his lover. But they just smile sadly at him. With one final shaky breath they say, “In our next life let’s all be friends again.”

Time froze as [Y/N] stilled, their face a mixture of shock and pain. The Demon King cried as his lover passed away in his arms.

𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠 // Yandere Demon Tanjiro x Reader - BooksForLifeBowties - 鬼滅の刃 (2024)
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