The Scoop on Katie Noel's Love Life: Who Has She Dated? (2024)

Katie Noel is a popular American singer-songwriter who gained fame through YouTube. She hails from North Carolina and was born on December 13, 1999. Her birth sign is Sagittarius. She initially rose to prominence with her song called Diesel Gang. Her talent for music and engaging performances captured the attention of viewers on the online platform.

Since then, Noel has continued to grow her fan base and showcase her unique style through her captivating songs and heartfelt lyrics. With her youthful spirit and passion for music, she has become an inspiration for aspiring artists and a beloved figure in the music industry. Let's learn a bit about her love life.

Current Relationship Status

Katie Noel is currently in a relationship with a woman named Destinee Madison. They started dating in 2022. Destinee is known as a social media personality, adding to the couple's public presence. She has even included Destinee's Instagram handle in her bio, along with a ring emoji. This has sparked rumors among fans that the two might be engaged, but no official confirmation has been made yet.

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Kati Noel with her partner, Destinee Madison SOURCE: Destinee Madison Instagram @_destineemadison_

Despite the speculation, Katie and Destinee seem to be enjoying their time together, sharing special moments and creating lasting memories. Fans eagerly await any updates on their relationship, supporting them as they continue their journey together.

Noel's Relationship With Autumn Brooke

Noel had a significant relationship with Autumn Brooke in the past. The couple was quite serious about their relationship, taking a big step by getting engaged in December 2020. However, their relationship took a different turn later on, leading to a breakup. The exact reason for their split remains undisclosed, leaving fans curious about what may have caused the separation.

Sometimes relationships encounter challenges that can be difficult to overcome, and it seems Noel and Brooke faced their hurdles. Despite the end of their romantic involvement, both of them have likely learned and grown from their experience together. As private as the details of their breakup may be, fans continue to appreciate Katie's music and support her journey, hoping for happiness and fulfillment in her personal life as well.

Brooke, who is a singer herself, has moved on from her past relationship with Noel. While she is currently single, Autumn has entered a new chapter in her life as a married woman. Her husband's name is Cub, and he is also a singer. His unique lifestyle mirrors that of a cowboy, which adds an interesting flair to their relationship. The two likely share a deep connection through their shared passion for music and perhaps even a shared love for the cowboy way of life.

Killah Brooh's Had Warned Noel About Brooke

There has been a story shared by Killah Brooh, a figure associated with Katie Noel, regarding her relationship with Brooke. He claimed that Brooke used her for clout and did not genuinely love her. In an interview, he revealed that he found out about Autumn's marriage through a picture she posted shortly after their breakup.

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Autumn Brooke with her husband Cub SOURCE: Autumn Brooke Instagram @autumnbrooke_10

According to Brooh, Brooke got married just three days after their split. He also mentioned that both he and Noel's mom had expressed concerns and warned Noel about her then-girlfriend, but she did not heed their advice. These allegations suggest a complex and possibly tumultuous dynamic between the three. While the details of their experiences remain personal and subjective, fans are left with a mix of emotions and a desire for clarity.

Upchurch's Side Of The Story With Noel

In Upchurch's Side of the Story, he explains his perspective on the situation of Noel's allegations. According to him, he and Katie were in a relationship for about two months and had engaged in sexual encounters. He recalls that she visited his house frequently and even spent several nights there, getting to know his family.

However, Upchurch expresses his shock when Noel suddenly accused him of violating and molesting her while they were sleeping. He strongly disagreed with these allegations and criticizes her for making false accusations. He asserts that he refuses to be seen as a victim in this situation, standing firm in his denial of any wrongdoing. The leaked phone call also provided people with knowledge about the situation.

Previously In A Relationship With Ryan Upchurch

Katie Noel was previously in a relationship with Ryan Upchurch, an American rapper, singer, and comedian. However, the specific details of how their relationship came to be are not readily available. He, known for his multifaceted talents, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

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Katie Noel's ex-boyfriend, Ryan Upchurch SOURCE: Ryan Upchurch Instagram @ryanupchurch

As for his romantic life, Upchurch is currently in a relationship with Taylor Eileen Smith. They began dating in 2020 and took their relationship to the next level just a few months later. On July 10, 2020, the two got engaged, marking a significant milestone in their journey together.

Controversy Surrounding Ryan Upchurch's Relationship

The controversy surrounding Upchurch's relationship took new turn with a leaked phone call between him and Noel. It was revealed that she had secretly recorded the conversation without the rapper's knowledge. The conversation was leaked when it was posted on YouTube, titled "leaked phone call of Katie Noel and him."

This revelation caused stir, as many people started questioning Noel's intentions. It appeared that she was trying to build case against Upchurch by using false allegations and manipulating the situation. As news of the leaked call spread, a wave of support for the rapper emerged from his fans and followers. They expressed their solidarity with him, standing by his side during this challenging time.

A Bit About Noel's Career

Noel's Career began during her high school years when she ventured into the world of music. It was in the year Russell Wilson divorced Ashton Meem, i.e., in 2014 that she took a significant step by creating her YouTube channel, where she began sharing her songs and videos. Three years later, in the year Samantha Lee Gibson and Tyrese Gibson married, i.e., in 2017, she expanded her content by uploading videos of herself showcasing her singing and guitar skills.

These videos featured covers of songs from both country and rap genres, displaying Noel's versatility as artist. However, it was her song titled Diesel Gangthat truly propelled her career forward. This particular track, which she uploaded on May 16, 2018, played pivotal role in putting her on the map and gaining recognition for her talent.

Noel has gained popularity through her music, and some of her most well-known songs include Blood Red, Snow White, Jeep Gang, Carolina Gang, and Country Valet.These songs have resonated with her audience, showcasing her unique blend of country and rap influences.

In addition to her music career, Noel has also ventured into the business world with her clothing line called Diesel Gang Apparel. This online shop offers range of merchandise such as shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and beanies. With her creative vision, she has designed these products to reflect the unique style and vibe of the Diesel Gang brand. Fans and supporters can now not only enjoy her music but also showcase their love and support by wearing Diesel Gang Apparel.

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The Scoop on Katie Noel's Love Life: Who Has She Dated? (2024)
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