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Now I wouldn't say it's necessarily a worshipper Tanjiro. (But it does have implied yandere as how devoted Tanjiro develops slowly through out his youth to their little mischievous god < 33 )

The family isn't "devoted" to their god, but they make occasional offerings and small thanks you to the fox statue in front of their door.

Young Tanjiro who asked once about why don't they devote more to the fox in their doorstep. Tanjiro who learns that their God is kind and understanding, that God had ask them to not waste such precious food and only worship if should they ever need it.

Tanjiro, who learned, that the God seems to enjoy a bowl of rice and dumplings <33. Of course Tanjiro pouted and gently scolded at the statue that it's not nice to steal food that wasn't near it's statue in the first place, he could have sworn he heard a distant laughter but shook it off as the wind.

Tanjiro who felt sad at the poor state the statue was in, almost crumbling to dust. Determined, Tanjiro learned what he could to perfectly carve a new statue for the God and he couldn't help but feel as if the new statue was actually looking at him with adoration and happiness. Maybe he was just tired after working on it for so long, but ...he couldn't help but feel proud.

Tanjiro who leaves a bit more offerings to the statue, offering small pieces of his food. Tanjiro's small moment of surprise when he saw a white fox underneath the fox statue. He couldn't help but feel as if this fox....was different, the way it watched him and responded to him as if it knew what he was saying....

The way the fox often returns with meat in its mouth, helping Tanjiro not always descend down the mountain to make sure everyone has their fill <33. Tanjiro leaves an bowl of tofu and definitely was met with an alarming mount of flowers in his bed.


- kitsune anon

precious bby,,,,, foxking feeds us the best food and we are grateful for it...

warnings: interspecies relationship, unhealthy behaviour (worshipping, mention of consensual blood drinking), animal behaviour

the part after "nsfw" has mild sexual content (masturbation, wet dreams, unintentional voyeurism, mention of breeding / unprotected sex, mention of dirty talk)

I wanted to start from the beginning, but then I decided that I would answer in parallel, otherwise everything starts to look sloppy </3

{ ๐ŸฆŠ } humancub just makes such a cute face, like a little fox, when he notices that the food is gone; such a charming change of waiting for food, bewilderment, mild shock and then realization, because for some reason the statue looked different than a few minutes earlier, although he knows how it looked before โ€” he wanted to sit down and eat next to it!

and you, of course, did not really mean that you would steal the food; altogether, you wanted to return it after a little trick, just to remind a cute human cub that he should not consider the Fox Deity as "kind and understanding" simply because of the lack of interest in stealing from people โ€” that other deities experience. after all, you are not "kind and sweet" โ€” you are cunning and hidden, always doing what you want from your own desires, and not from the concepts of good and evil.

... but when he makes that adorable facial expression, gently scolding you, only to then say that he hopes you at least enjoyed this meal, and now you can take it as a sign of his gratitude, and your heart almost melts.

you will have such an understanding person in the future, ah, if you could, you would bite his cheek, like a dumpling, which you can now eat with a clear conscience, knowing that the human cub will not be upset. so naive and pure, even too much, but you don't mind โ€” as long as he is in your possession, you will make sure that he will not be hungry, even if you eat all the buns.

so cute and silly.

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#tanjiro kamado x reader | minkmousesworld (2024)
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