𝕭𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖘 [Tanjiro Kamado X Reader] (Kimetsu no Yaiba) - ~chapter forty-nine~ (2024)


(Y/N) Pov:

"Tanjiro, hey Tanjiro!" I called out, my expression turning into one of worry. "Hey! Keep your eyes open!" I told him, watching how he slowly opened his dark red eyes, staring up at me.

I felt the tears rising to my eyes as I said: "Listen carefully, okay? You can stop the bleeding. Focus on your breath and raise the accuracy. Then, spread the sensitivity to every part of your body."

Tanjiro took in some deep breaths, panting heavily. I gently placed my finger onto his forehead, saying: "Concentrate only on your breathing. You should be able to find the broken blood vessel and stop the bleeding."

He concentrated and did his all, until he closed his eyes, letting out a tired sigh. I smiled slightly, saying: "You did it." He returned my smile to the best of his ability, asking: "Wh-Where did you get that from?"

"Rengoku-Sensei taught me. He's an amazing teacher." I answered, brushing a few strands of his hair out of his face. "If you master your breathing, you'll be able to accomplish various things. That's what he told me."

"Well said, (Y/N)." said someone from behind me. I quickly turned my head, saying: "Thank you, Rengoku-Sensei." He smiled at us, saying: "Everyone is safe. There's a lot of injured people, but there's nothing life threatening. You don't have to push yourself any further, Kamado."

Suddenly, I heard a weird sound, like someone falling from the sky. My head snapped up, where I was able to spot someone. My eyes widened as that person had created a crate where he landed, looking at us with sharp, yellow eyes.

He had very fair skin, and a lot of blue marks on it. His hair had this beautiful, pinkish-red color. But what scared me most was what stood on his eyes. Instead of pupils, the words 'upper moon three' were present.

Within a second, he had vanished from his current position, dashing towards us. I was able to follow him with my eyes, quickly standing protectively in front of Tanjiro. Right before his fist could make Impact with my body, Rengoku-Sensei used the second form, rising scorching sun to save me.

3rd Person Pov:

After Rengoku had managed to slice the demon's arm open, the demon jumped back, his arm regenerating very quickly. "Nice blade." he complimented, licking the remainder of his own blood.

Rengoku, never once letting his guard down, said: "I cannot understand why you're targeting a wounded person." He was referring to Tanjiro, who was still unable to move.

Grinning, the demon said: "I thought they'd just get in the way between you and me." "What? But I can fight, too!" declared (Y/N), her hands gripping the handle of her sword tightly. "Even better." stated the demon, licking his lips.

Rengoku, wanting to get the demon's attention away from his apprentice, asked: "You and I have something to talk about? It's our first time meeting, but I already hate you."

The demon, let out a quiet chuckle, saying: "Is that so? I really hate weak humans, too. When I look at weaklings, I just feel disgusted." "It looks like you and I have different moral values in regards to things." stated Rengoku, not liking how that demon was talking.

"I see. Then I have a wonderful proposal. How about you become a demon, too?" offered the demon, grinning at the hashira. (Y/N)'s eyes widened slightly. Never once had any demon said that. Why would he even suggest something like that in the first place? Don't demons want to eat humans?

"No chance." stated Rengoku simply, his expression calm. The demon eyed him closely, saying: "I know your strength just by looking at you. You're a hashira, right? Your battle spirit is quite polished. You're getting close to supreme territory."

"I am the flame hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku." "And I'm Akaza. Kyojuro, I'll tell you why you aren't crossing into supreme territory." started the demon, Akaza, slowly pointing his index finger at the hashira.

"Because you're human. Because you'll grow old. Because you'll die. Become a demon, Kyojuro. If you do, you can continue to train for a hundred, even two hundred years. You can become stronger." he said, his voice calm, as if he wasn't just talking about such a heavy topic.

Tanjiro tried to get up, but failed, his breathing heavy and his hands shaking. (Y/N) quickly said: "Tanjiro, it's fine. I'll back Rengoku-Sensei up. You just get some rest, okay?"

He eyed her for a second, then said: "Out of all the demons I've met up to now, this guy smells the most similar to Kibutsuji." "I know." was all that (Y/N) said, turning to face the demon. "He's so strong that I can faintly see it. This is going to be tough."

She smiled down at her boyfriend, saying: "Just watch and learn. I'm a Tsugoku, after all." Tanjiro kept his eyes on (Y/N) as she took a few steps closer to Rengoku, who was still talking to Akaza.

"What humans call 'strength' isn't a word that is used in regards to the body. These kids aren't weak. Don't insult them." stated Rengoku, his golden eyes practically glued on the strong demon.

He continued: "I'll say it over and over again. You and I have different moral values. No matter what kind of motivation I may have, I will not become a demon." "I see." said Akaza, activating one of his techniques.

'Technique deployment, destructive kill, Compass Needle.', he thought, grinning widely as he said: "If you won't become a demon, then I'll kill you!"

Within a second, Akaza and Rengoku began to dash towards the other, being way too fast for Tanjiro to follow with his eyes. However, (Y/N) was able to. She stood ready, her hands on the handle of her sword, waiting for an opportunity to join in on the battle.

"Of all the hashiras I killed up to now, none of them were of flames and none of them ever agreed to my invitation." started Akaza. "Why is that? As someone who trained in the same martial arts, I find them hard to understand. And they say that only those who were chosen can become demons."

He grinned, saying: "Someone with wonderful talent is going to have an unsightly decline. This is unbearable! Just die, Kyojuro, while you're young and strong!" Right after he said that, he activated yet another ability of his, destructive kill, Void Style, while Rengoku used the fourth form, Blooming Flame Undulation at the same time.


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𝕭𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖘 [Tanjiro Kamado X Reader] (Kimetsu no Yaiba) - ~chapter forty-nine~ (2024)
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