Storm of Swords (Female Rimuru X Demon Slayer) - Fighting Upper Five - Page 5 (2024)


Rimuru: it did

I felt angry after Rimuru confirmed my suspicion.

Muichiro: Rimuru, go to the village and protect the villagers. I'll handle

Rumuru: You can't fight an upper moon by yourself. im staying

Muichiro: I'm sorry Rimuru

Rimuru: What?

Muichiro: im sorry if what i said earlier upsets you. But right now, we should get our priorities straight. As a hashira, I have to kill this demon. You should save the villagers and the village chief. Don't worry about your swordsmith, I promise I'll protect him

I glanced at Rimuru.

Muichiro: Once this is over, I promise to make it up to you for what I said

Rimuru sheathed her sword and held my shoulder.

Rimuru: Alright, I'll hold you to that. so you better not die

Rimuru smiled at me, making my heart skip for a moment.

Rimuru ran in the direction of the village.


I held my sword tightly and focused all of my attention on the demon.

Gyokko: What an interesting act you've shown. It's so comical that you'd save someone just to endure dying by my hands. so worthless it doesn't matter whether they exist or not

I was suddenly hit with a sense of familiarity after the demon began speaking.

A memory from my past suddenly flashed in my mind.

Muichiro: (Who's that!? I can't remember... Someone said the same to me many years ago, but who was it?)

I began remembering a day many years ago during summer, but before i could recall more memories, the demon snapped me out of my train of thought.

Gyokko: Even though you certainly don't like the part, you're still a hashira. I'm getting giddy with all the artwork I could make from you. Maybe even pair you with that girl after witnessing your heart moving exchange

I suddenly felt immense rage inside me, and then i rushed in to behead the demon.

Even though Rimuru warned me about the vases, i fell into the demon's trap as it created a vase from one of his hands and encased me in water once i got close.

Storm of Swords (Female Rimuru X Demon Slayer) - Fighting Upper Five - Page 5 (1)

Gyokko: Blood demon art: water prison pot. Death by suffocation is rather stylish and beautiful, isn't it? And that spine tingling sensation of a blade pressed against your neck, that's simply sublime

I tried to stab the outer wall, but it only bent.

Muichiro: (it's no good, I can't slash it)

Gyokko: Not only have I trapped you inside of there, but your breathing techniques as well. I can't contain myself imagining your face twisting in agony as you drown. Hohoho! Obliterating this village would be a devastating blow to you demon slayers, and once we brought you demon slayers to your knees, even Ubuyashiki's head is within reach! Hyoho, isn't it excruciating? It must be excruciating

I tried cutting it in many other spots, but none of it work.

Muichiro: (so it's the same everywhere)

Gyokko: hyohoho, not only you aren't able to use your precious breathing technique, but soon you'll be drawing your last breath too. Hyohohohohohoho, that stoic look on your face. How incredibly sublime it is. My creative juices are simply gushing, looking upon it. Don't get me wrong I'd like to stick around a bit longer and watch as you meet your pathetic end, but I think it's best I look inside that shack the girl was so keen on entering

The demon began slithering in his vase to see inside the hut.

Gyokko: I can't help but tremble with excitement to find out what's inside that you failed to protect hyohoho

The vase then disappeared and I'm left alone.


Curious about what's inside the shed, i entered and saw a swordsmith trying to drive me out.

Kozo: *trembling* STAY BACK! I CAN'T LET YOU INSIDE!

Gyokko: hyoho why do you bother you're only wasting my time. Or do you foolishly believe you're capable of fending me off?

I create another beautiful vase, causing swordsmith to tremble even more.

The fool tries to fight bck, but i sent ou water and gave him some cuts.

Storm of Swords (Female Rimuru X Demon Slayer) - Fighting Upper Five - Page 5 (2)

Gyokko: Why are you so desperately defending such a pitiful looking shack? You wouldn't be hiding your precious village chief now, would you? Hmm?

As the pitiful human backed away, i noticed another slayer at the back of the hut, sharpening a sword, completely oblivious to my presence.

Haganezuka: such extraordinary steel. What an extraordinary sword. It is much tougher than the sword ment for Rimuru

Gyokko: (that human is young, the body of someone not even forty. There's no way he could be the chief)

Haganezuka: such brilliant craftsmanship. This blade is stunning

Gyokko: *smirk* Hey, human! What are you doing over there?

Haganezuka: Who created this masterpiece? What kind of person is this sword forged, and why did he write this single character rather than his own name? No, I understand. I understand why

The human ignored me, which was starting to get on my nerves.

Gyokko: *irritated* (DAMN HIM! i've never seen such razor-sharp focus! He is so immersed in what he's doing that he's still unaware of me! I don't like this one bit! Even I haven't concentrated this hard on one of my pieces! As an artist, I can't help but feel inferior to him!)

I tried to get his attention by using my blood demon art, but the swordsmith was unfazed.

Haganezuka: I know why he didn't do it. Why he didn't carve his name into this perfect sword. This single character tells me that this sword is forged with nothing but determination. I understand it now. This sword is forged with a sole purpose and nothing else!

I felt a sense of inferiority as an artist.

I've never concentrated in my works as hard as the swordsmith and so i decided to torture the swordsmith infront of me, to make him abandon the sword.

Storm of Swords (Female Rimuru X Demon Slayer) - Fighting Upper Five - Page 5 (2024)
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