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East Asian Times!

A place where the East Asian shall answer questions, react to actions, do dares, and tell stories. I will also occasionally leave my ideas and thoughts in here as well, so consider this a diary of some sort.Cover art is sort of mine, and yes, Kai drew this for me.

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Love's Revenge

His black eyes bleed into my soul. "For every act of torture you inflicted on me," he takes another step towards me. I step back, coming in contact with the cold concrete behind me. "I will make you suffer twice as much." His voice is like ice. He raises his arm, pressing the gun to my forehead. The metal is cold against my skin. He leans closer to my face, lips brushing the hair beside my ear, "you're at my mercy now, Heidi."-------------Zane has been imprisoned deep underground in the most secure location. Being the alpha's brother, he has to stay hidden from his own pack. Heidi wants him to suffer for his crimes. From going on a murder streak through the packs, killing many innocents including her mate. She vows she will avenge her mate. But every act of pain she tries to inflict, rolls right off of him. All changes as one fateful day, an attack sets him free. His bloodthirsty eyes have only one motive...Seek his own revenge on her.RANKED #2 IN PARANORMAL 4/17/2020RANKED #1 IN POSSESSIVE 4/25/2020

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Juventude letrada - Pensamentos e poesias

Destaco, em minha obra, a indispensável elucubração feita pelas incríveis filosofias, assim, coloco-me ao posto de uma criança como o imenso desejo de me desmontar e reconstruir o que sou. Meus pensamentos.

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The Villainess Next Life (COMPLETED)

A 20 year old girl suddenly died from an accident and reincarnated as a villain in a novel story?! What's this?! What happened? She was dumbfounded when she suddenly wake up in a whole other dimension."Your majesty, it's time for your bath." A lady in a maid outfit said, bowing her head."Wait! Where am I?! Is this heaven?!" She shouted in panic" I don't know what you mean your majesty, but if you're asking who you are... You are queen Alarice , the queen regnant of Philleon Empire." She said with utmost courtesy Alarice ????Philleon Empire?Wait. Isn't that the novel I was reading while walking and the reason why I got hit by the truck?!What's going on here??

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All-in Package: Training, Nutrition and Coaching

The only one in the Arnhem, Apeldoorn and Nijmegen region with a unique combination of personal training, personal nutritional advice and psychological counseling. Looking for the very best personal trainer in Arnhem? Make your body and yourself happy again with the unique combination of training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching with a Personal Training at Happy Body Arnhem!

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There have been a few problems going on with the satellite on top of a huge mountain. Lily and Icy decided it would be good to try and fix it. It came with a few..problems..will Kay and Saturn be set free from the evil Fortress? Or will Sin find a way to bring Fortress back and stop Lily and Icy from falling?! Find out now!!

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Oikawa Tooru X Reader - Gdzie Tu Logika? PL

Oikawa Tooru od razu zdobywa serca dziewczyn. Wszystkich, oprócz tej jednej. Gdzie tu logika? Gatunek: Romans/komedia (?) Narracja: Trzecioosobowa [!] Postacie z anime Haikyuu!! należą do Furudate Haruchi

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PURVIR........ An unbreakable and infinite love❤❤

Hello Readers 🤗🤗I am a purvir fan. I know the Story now is full of ups and downs and too sad.... so now I want to turn this sad ones into an beautiful journey but with some sadness and memories 🥺🥺🥺 also with a some unexpected twists and turns.. so guys I want all your support and Love....

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Doubt It | Loki x Fem!Reader

When sixteen year old Y/n L/n, a telekinetic orphan joins the Avengers, she is assigned as Loki's Mission partner.They are a great team, often making up their own rules along the way.But who is she really? And what will happen when things interfere with the life that Y/n loves?------------------------*Contains Swearing*All Marvel characters belong to Stan Lee and Disney, the storyline belongs to meHighest Ranking:#1 in #wanda#2 in #bruce#3 in #avengersfanfiction#8 in #lokixreader#8 in #thorodinson

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Read story tanjiro x kakushi  - AmandaMcDaniel392 | Novel2U.Net (2024)
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