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12 plaintiff was in my employ I told plaintiff in the presence of Mr McDonald that I required a property man for Adelaide and he said ho would like to go I then answered tiiat I would let him know when I got to Adelaide if I then wanted a man and that he would be engaged through my agent Mr Liddy who signed all my contracts I die not give Mr McDonald authority to do any thing and what the plaintiff said was untrue I next saw the plaintiff in Adelaide It was during hie employment by Mr Chapman that I had come conversation with him about the en gagement I asked him it I kept him on as properly man upon what terms he would stay This was the week before the Theatre was opened He said he would charge £4 per week for himself £1 10s for an assistant and £1 10s for gas in working a limelight I con tented to this and he entered my service as agreed on the night of March 25 I remember the night of June 4 alluded to on which A Struggle for was performed On that evening Earle was loading a gun at the entrance to the prompting room He was making a considerable noise which the prompter asked him to put a stop to as I entered the room I told him to drop making the noise arid to load the gun somewhere else He said it do it or Go to 1 and do it I told him I would at the end of the week I had had occasion to find fault with his conduct before He had come to the Theatre drunk very often and I have got bills from Mr Cun ningham amounting to £13 for things broken by im while drunk I lent Mr Earle the plaintiff £15 charging him £1 interest He bad paid £12 of thia and if the balance had been mid I would have discharged him long before xhe noise of which I complained could have been distinctly beard in front of the cartain The plaintiff never mentioned anything to me about past services or money owing to him Cross examined by Mr Smith I never received any letter from the plaintiff There was no other reason or motive for my dismissal of the plaintiff other than those mentioned I never told him to go into the box and get 15 yards off a roll of velvet that was lying there (Mr Smith here endeavored to show that the defendant had a motive other than those men tioned for dismissing the plaintiff when the Bench interrupted stating that it could not have any bearing on the case) Re examiued by Mr Stock I never authorised Mr Johnson to engage the plaintiff for me Walter Medua prompter at the Theatre corro borated the evidence ot the last witness as re gards the conduct on the evening of June 4 Holloway Stage Manager said that Earle was pretty sober as property men wait (Laughter) He had got drank on one or two occasions and he (witness) had cause to complain of him several times He was a very excitable man and would be almost incapable of carrying out hb work if be had but very little liquor Heinrich Schrader and Thomas Dooner gave evidence corroborative of Mr statement as to the conduct of Earle on June 4 Abraham Lazar Treasurer of the Theatre said the first time Earle was paid was on April 1 for the previous week He did not say anything about previous wages Last paid plaintiff co June 1 and told him that Mr Allison had decided to dispense with hi ser vices from that date He was offered hissalary less £4 which he owed Mr Allison but he refused to take it This ended the case and counsel having addressed the Bench Hb Honor said the substantial question was whether the conduct on the occasion referred to June 4 was such as to justify hu dismissal It was admitted that a noise was being made and that Mr Allison callled the plaintiff's attention to it Instead of answmng the question civilly he used language but proper and consigned Mr Allison to or somewhere else The plaintiff did not deny these facts He would be very sorry to lay down the law that the servant had a right to use such language to hb master It was very necessary that a man in Mr AUison's position should be obeyed for if anything went wrong it would tend to bring discredit on the management Mr Smith had said that he could not find a ease in which a servant had been dis missed for misconduct of this kind but if he had looked more carefully he might have done so He did not think the plaintiff bad any right to use the language he did use Then as to the claim for wages he held that if a servant misconducted himself during the currency of the week the master was not only entitled to dismiss the servant but the servant forfeited the wages accruing for such services The servant was entitled to no wages whatever for the portion of the week After fully considering the circ*mstances ot dismissal the Bench awarded a verdict of £3 only being the balance of wages ovwthe £4 owed to Mr Allison Arum Jmo £30 dishonored cheque Mr A Downer for plaintiff and Mr Moulden for defendant Verdict far amount claimed Jas Page £58 13s 6d being £47 18s far rent ot premises known as the Prince Albert Hotel Kapnnda and £10 17s 6d far insurance the said premises Mr Lowe for plaintiff and Mr A Downer for defendant who pleaded not except as to £21 13a fid Verdict for £15 2a Thomas Bkdman HAwnuu gaa for masonry and plastering work and the balance for extra Mr oster for plaintiff and Mr Wadey for defendant who pleaded payment and that the contract had been rwaiaded Verdict for defendant LOCAL PORT ADELAIDE Tuesday July 2 Before MrG Scott SAL Mr Johnormby JPM and Mr A Hall JP UNSATISIED JUDGMENTS ive unsatisfied judgments were disposed of In the case of Robin A Hack Harris the defendant was fined 40s for not attending on hb subpeena DEENDED CAUSE Petek Slates Cowan Claim for £3 15s amount overpaid in settling an account Mr Wallace appeared for the defendant The plaintiff who was formerly master of the barque Helen White said in ebruary of this year his vessel was landed with 450 tons of breadstaffs at Port Adelaide The Working Assscia tion rate for loading that class of cargo was lOd per ton The stevedores finished their work and he was given the account by Cowau to sign as correct He did so and did not notice that defendant liad charge 1 Is per ton until his return from Brisbane when he found that the extra 21 per ton which he had signed for was deducted from his pay In crocs examination plaintiff said he made the account out for defendant himself but in the hurry of going away did uot notice his mistake On hu return from Bris bane be spoke to the defendant on th 3 subject and defendant told him that hi (plaintiff) had made the error and he woul I refund him the amount overpaid Evideuo waf also called to show that according to th rules of the Association no more than 10J pe ton could houestiy be charged by members of the Association for loading vessels of the ton nage of thcHelen White with breadstuff or the defence it was stated that a special arrange ment wa made by the plaintiff to give the men men Is per ton for discharging the vessel Nothing was said about the Association rules The rules did not admit of a man working for less than lOd per too but a man could get more if he could Men frequently got more than that Defendant denied tliat he had admitted to plaintiff that he would return him the whole cum The plaintiff strongly denied the alleged agreement The Court said the weight of evidence was against the captain aud gave a verdict for the defendant LOCAL WILLUNGA Wednesday July 3 Before Mr McCullagh SJL Ghace Spaego rancis Mau Action for damages for dog destroyed by defendant Mr 8 Bleechmore from the office of Messrs Cullen A Wigley appeared by permission far plaintiff Verdict for £4 and costa THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CHRONICLE AND WEEKLY MAIL JULY 6 1878 POLICE ADELAIDE Thursday June 27 Before Mr 8 Beddome 8M and Messrs Turner Ingram and Warren Otto Schmoulders was charged on the infor mation of David Wilson with stealing from the dwelling house of rances Badman one over coat value 35s on June 36 The prosecutor who is a farmer living at Grace Plains said he was staying at the Earl of Zetland Hotel on June 26 and left bis coat hanging in the hall He afterwards missed it Detective Birchell said he arrested the prisoner in a pawnshop on Wednesday when he pawned the coat produced for 8s The prisoner who said he bad been ill and driven to stealing the coat was sentenced to six imprisonment with hard labor Inspector John isher licensed driver was charged with carry ing more than the uumber or passengers on the tramway car than allowed Mr Symon for the defence Mr Symon in cross examining Mr Shakespeare elicited that there had been no special by law made by the Corporation in respect to the tramways since the tramways had been commenced The witness considered that the rules already made applied equally to the tramways as to other vehicles Mr Symou then pointed out to the Court that the by law on which Mr Shakespeare' laid this information did not apply to that case in any way He said the promoters of the tramway were only too desirous to meet any rules or regu lations but until these were made they had no means of knowing what they were The evi dence having been heard the Court ruled that the information being laid under By law 47 they thought it did sot apply to tramway cars and therefore dismissed the information Messrs Warren and Ingram here left the Bench Walter Uwington a detective officer was charged with assaulting Edmund Dwyer in Hind ley street on June 14 Mr Smith for the prosecution and Mr Pater for the de fence The prosecutor said he was at a coffee stall in King William street having a cup of coffee when the defendant came up with his arms extended and pushed him down on the flags A week previous he had had a few words with defendant in the Theatre Boyal bar In cross examination he admitted that Uppington had ordered him out of the bar Hy Montan pieman said the defendant was drinking coffee at his stall when the prosecutor came up He did not know what words passed between them but he saw the defendant push him down The defendant said Keep out of my Inspector Shakespeare said the reason the prosecutor's cab licence had been taken away was on account of a report received frees the police stating that he had repeatedly bsan seen drunk and that he kept a house of 1 fame Wm Andrews said he saw the detective walk up to the prosecutor and push him down Other witnesses were called to corroborate the testi mony or the defence Police trooper Brown was called to show that the defendant and him self were having a cup of coffee in King Wil liam street when Dwyer pushed up between them and said in a sneering way Oh you had better have something to The defen dant then said he wished to have nothing to say to him and pushed him aside Dwyer then pushed in between them again and Up pington said if he go away he would have to run him He still persisted and the defendant pushed him again The prose cutor who was under the influence of drink then fell Several cabmen then came up and said they would take charge of him olice constable HammiD said he was at the Theatre Royal bar a fortnight ago He did not hear the defendant say4 Come out The Bench considered the matter too trivial for a conviction and dismissed the case Henry Hunter a laborer was charged with committing an indecent assault on Augusta Maule a little girl daughter of Wm Maule Castle street carpenter on June 22 The prosecutrix a very intelligent little girl said the prisoner took her and her sisters and a little girl named Nettie Connolly to a place at the back of Darling's Mill to get some chips He then sent all but the prosecutrix away to get bags for the chips and then committed the assault The age of one of the little girls was five years and two months and of Nettie Connolly seven years The prisoner when arrested said I did not lay my hands on her I do not know what came over Com mitted for trial riday June 28 Before Nr 8 Beddome PBL and Mr Bagster JP John Burnet saddler was fined 10s and costa for using indecent language at North Adelaide Burnet was further charged with assaulting his wife Jessie Burnet at North Adelaide on June 22 Mr Gwynne for the prosecution ined £2 and costs Burnet was next charged on a peace information by his wife with declaring that the fate of the murderer Preet would be bis one and was ordered to enter into his own recognizance of £50 and to find two sure ties of £25 each to keep the peace for six months Juanita Cole single woman was charged on the information of Inspector aller with throwing orange peel on the pavement in Hindley street on June 27 The defendant who pleaded that the action was quite unin tentional was fined the lowest penalty 10s and costa William Bennett laborer was charged with driving without lights on the Unley road and was fined 10s and oosto Bennett was further charged with assaulting Daniel Thomas special constable in the execution of his duty on the same occasion Mr A Downer for the defence There was a eroaa informatioQ against Thomas for a similar offence on the same occasion Thomas was dis missed and Bennett fined £5 and costa Andrew Tozann Italian was charged with un lawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on one Lewis Rainer at Mitcham on June 23 Mr Symon for the prosecution aud Mr Le Gretton for the defence Dr Gardner raid on Sunday afternoon the prose cuter came to him He had a wound ou his head which was bleeding pro fusely Dreed the wound and two days afterwards he came again and asked witness to examine his shoulder Witness did so aud found a contusion of the back part of the right shoulder The wound was now not dangerous to life He would Dot be able to go to work for a week Should think the wound had been caused by some blunt instrument a pair of tongs might cause the injury The prosecutor stated he was in tlie Hoxton Anns Mitcham ou Sunday afternoon The defendant used to terve in the bar there and witness asked for a drink Thinking he had gone to get it witness sat down and defendant afterwards tookachaie and sat down too There was also a man named Roberts sitting down Witness asked him if he bad got the drink and defendant said Soon afterwards defendant pushed chair over and as witness was getting up de fendant struck him with the handle end of a lir of tongs Witness then ran outside aud Lathed his head and afterwards went into town and saw the doctor Ou witness asking if be had brought the drink previous to the assault he said No master He afterwards said I have plenty of aud witness said Well if you always lose £30 at a time it will soon go and defendant then jumped up and said My God you say this to and then committed the assault Thomas Roberts of Mitcham laborer gave corrobora tive evidence but stud he did not see anything thrown In cross examination ho said the pro secutor was slightly intoxicated and defendant fold him he would not draw him beer for £5 Michael Clancey stated that he saw the pro secutor rush out of the hotel with his head bleeding Something was thrown after him Could not say by whom Witness then went into town with him Committed for trial Bail allowed himself in £100 and two sureties of £50 each Saturday June 29 Before Mr 8 Beddome PAL Miles Menzies a burly looking man was charged on the information of Mary Ann Richards licensed victualler with pointing a 1 Adelaide on July 1 Committed for Wednesday July 3Before Mr Scott SM Pyle married woman was charged with loaded revolver at her with intent to do grievous bodily harm at Adelaide on June 28 The preeecutrix said the prisoner came to3the ountain Hotel and naked to have some tea That was given him and between 10 and 11 o'clock he was given a candle and told to go to bed He did not do sj but went and lay down in one of the rooms On witness hearing noise shortlyafterwards she went into the room when prisoner said Do you know who your mother and then pointed the revolver produced at her Witness then left the room and afterwards when a man named Winstead went in she also saw prisoner point the revolver at him At this point His Worship asked under what Act the information was laid The Superintendent replied The Consolidated but afterwards asked to substitute a charge of common assault as he doubted whether be could prove the other charge the witnesses not knowing whether the prisoner had his hand on the trigger or not This was allo wed and the prisoner who pleaded drunkenness was sentenced to one months impriaanment with hard labor Sarah being a pauper lunatic at the Semaphore on July 2 Referred to Dr Gething for medical examination Qlajf Christensen seaman of the Norwegian barque Italia was charged on the information of Martin Christianson master of that vessel with assaulting him on board his vessel at Port Adelaide on July 2 The prosecutor said when he returned to his ship on the previous night he found the defendant who was drunk fighting with another seaman On separating them the defendant struck him in the eye His Worship told defendant he would be finel £5 Defendant said be had no money where upon he was told it he could not pay the fine he would have to go to gaol for a month The captain said he did not wish to disgrace the man by sending him to gaol and yet did not care to pay the fine to prevent his going to that place because as he wisely remarked in very broken English Suppose I pay his fine and take him on board and he then nm away where is my money then He did not wish to be in any way harsh with the man After some further discussion between the litigants in their own tmgnft the prosecutor asked to be allowed to withdraw the charge on his paying the costs Ila This was granted prosecutor remarking that defendant would have to give up all beer while on his ship WILLUNGA Wednesday July 3 Before Mr McCullagh SM Sullivan Information for abusive language at Willunga A cross infor mation was laid by itapatrick Bach party was fined 10s Bryant Information for wages Order for 14s and costs Monday July 1 Before Mr Beddome PMj James Amith laborer was charged with as saulting bis wife Eliza Smith at Angas street on June 30 ined £5 Chas White an elderly man was charged on the information of Henry Matthews store keeper of Hindley street with forging and uttering a cheque for £5 10s on the Bank of Adelaide with intent to defraud on June 15 The prosecutor said he received the cheque pro duced from the prisoner in payment for some goods bought at nis store amounting to 6s fid Gave him in change a cheque for £3 10s drawn by a Mr Belcher a note a half sovereign and silver Paid the cheque produced away on Monday and received it back the following day marked no account Matilda Ann Matthews corroborated and swore positively as to the pri identity John Pearoe Williams licensed victualler said the prisoner came to his hotel on June 15 He bad some drinks and paid with a cheque drawn by a Mr Belcher Before cashing the cheque witness went to see if it wai all right Prisoner endorsed the cheque in! witness's presence George Hugh Chambers part proprietor of tbe Horas Basaar GrenfeU street said the signature on the cheque produced was not bis He knew no one of tbe name of Wm Dick clerk of the Bank of Adelaide said there was no cus tomer at the Bank named Chambers Pri soner when arrested made no statement Committed for trial John Hogarth aulkner a young man was charged on the information of Thomas Born with forging and uttering a cheque for £14 8s on the Bank of South Australia at Kent Town on June 28 The prosecutor said on June 28 the prisoner came to tbe Kent Town Hotel and asked him to cash the cheque produced Wit ness gave him £2 8s in cash and an IOU for £12 Received the IOU back the next morn ing The cheque was returned from the bank marked no account Robert Lindley Castle ledger keeper Bank of South Australia said they had no customer of tbe name on the cheque produced They had no branch bank at Strathalbyn When arrested prisoner made do statement When searched he had £5 7s fid on him and a blank cheque on the same Bank and corresponding in number to the forged cheque Committed for trial Bridget Carey single woman was charged on tbe information of Bridget Maroneywith steal ing from tbe dwelling house of Hines one bat and feather value £1 a chemise value 3s one pair of stays value 5s and one sheet value 5s at North terrace on June 27 Evidence was given as to the articles being missed on Thursday Bryan Donnelly said th prisoner brought a bundle to his house and said that it contained tbe clothes she had when at service It was also shown that the prisoner had given tbe hat produced to Donnelly's daughter Carey was further charged with stealing two pair of gold earrings value £2 15e two dresses value £4 six skirts value £1 7s and one shawl the property of Kate McGuinness single woman on the same occasion The evidence was similar to that in the previous case Prisoner whoa arrested said a girl had met her outside Parlia liament House and said she was leaving service and was taking her clothes away She then gave the parcel into hand and pri soner had not seen her since Committed for trial on both informations Tuesday July 2 Before Mr Beddome PM John Hogarth aulkner a young man was charged ou the information of George Napier Birks with forging a cheque for £5 on the Sauk of Adelaide on June 27 The prosecutor said the prisoner came into his shop and asked him to change the cheque produced This was done and witness afterwards received the cheque produced sent back from tbe Bank marked no Wm Dick ledger keeper of the Bank of Adelaide said they had no customer named McCallum at the Bank Prisoner who eaid nothing was committed for trial Henry Bryant an elderly man was charged that by ill practice in playing a certain game with a box he did unlawfully win £13 from Samuel Norfolk on June 30 Mr Pater for the defence Samuel Norfolk said he was staying at Norwood and bad come from Riverton He knew tbe prisoner and also the man Sampson On riday last witness was going into the Gresham Hotel with his cousin and Sampson to have a farewell drink as he and hie cousin were going to Western Australia The prisoner came in and asked if it was a private room and they said it was not After some conversation tbe prisoner spoke about some love affair and he produced a locket which he said could only be opened by the young lady whose portrait was in the locket her father and himself He went out of the room for a few minutes and during this time witness opened the box aboat 20 times Sampson suggested that they should shut it up and take a rise out of the prisoner when be came in again When tbo prisoner came back again Sampson asked if they would make a bet that they could open the box and eventually £50 was staked between Sampson witness and his cousin Witness put down £13 his cousin £12 10s and Sampson £2 10s making a total of £28 Witness gave a cheque for £3 his cousin one for £2 and Sampson one for £15 These cheques were on the National Bank and neither witness nor his cousin had an account there The money laid down amounted to £49 and Sampson remarked list they would have to owe the prisoner a pound Witness was to open the box in 15 sexrads aud he had previously done it easily The prisoner put down £50 and after the time was up tbe prisoner took up all the money and went away With regard to the cheques Sampson gave the prisoner an acknowledgment and witness and his cousin had their cheques returned They then destroyed them Sampson said his cheque for £15 was genuine In cross examination the witness admitted that he knew he bad do account at the Bank If le had succeeded in opening the box he would have kept the money The prisoner had cautioned him to be careful when ne made the Let and not to be too rash They had got their money back on the Sunday when they went to the Royal Oak Hotel with a friend and Sampson told Bryant he had better give it up Mr Pater in addressing the Court referred to tbe game as leing a perfectly straightforward one and that tbe youug man had been cautioned when making the bet by tbe prisoner Mr Beddome said he thought all tbe evil facts of the ease were on the side of the prosecutor and dismissed the information Wednesday July 3Before Mr 8 Beddome PM and Messrs Smedley and Bright Bobert Henry Phillips and William Leslie young men were charged with using insulting behavior in King william street on July 2 Mr Downer QC appeared for the police and Mr Pater for the defence Richard Pawnore Ridge a jeweller at alk A said he was returning from tbe Police Court with Kerrick and Organ after the case of the man Bryant in which he had some in terest sa he was a friend of the young' country fellows They then picked up a young man named Smith and by the Southern Cross saw Bryant the defendants and two or three other men These men spoke in a sneering manner and the defendant Phil lipa offered to fight any one of them for £30 Ho then struck at the witness who struck him back A general row then ensued Other evi dence was called to corroborate this testimony Evidence for the defence was caUod to show that three or four of the men had set on the defendant Leslie when he was ou tbe ground and that Mr Evens butcher who was passing by at the time deemed their conduct so cowardly that he strack them with his whip ined 13 each Tkomas Purvey and Marshus Prinn were charged on remand with assaulting William Jones licensed victualler Mr Pater for the pro secution Mr Downer QCforthe defen dant Purvey and Mr Smith for Prinn It was stated that Mr Jones would not be able toattend till tbe following week The case was accordingly adjourned till Joly 10 bail being showed themselves in £50 and two sureties each of £25 William llant laborer was charged with assaulting Bridget Rann on June 1 and was fined £5 John Hogarth aulkner a young man was charged on the information of Joeepn Telterman licensed victualler with forging a cheque for £5 on tbe Bank of South Australia ou June 29 Tbe prosecutor mid the prisoner came to his hotel and asked him to change the cheque pro duced Witness did so as he knew tbe name of MacCullum on the cheque Afterwards cent the cheque to the Bank and had it returned marked no Bobert Lindley Castle ledger keeper ot tbe Bank of South Australia said they had no customer named MacCullum there Committed for triaL POLICE PORT ADELAIDE riday June 28 Before Mr Scott SM Thomas (J Neill licensed victualler landlord of tbe White Hart Hotel was charged that he being a holder of a licence did unlawfully supply liquor in the tap of his licensed house to persons not being bona fide travellers or lodgers staying in the said hotel between 3 and 9 pm on Sunday June 23 being hours prohibited by taw and Thomas Kegg barman was charged with aiding and abetting the said Thanas in the commission of the offence Mr Wadey appeared for tbe defendants Mr Dempster for the proprietor of tbe hotel Mr Wadey handed in a medical certificate showing that was too unwell to attend theCourt Mr Wadey took a preliminary ob jection that the narnes ot the persons alleged to have been supplied with liquor wot not in serted in the information when they should have been also that the name of Thomas Kegg should not have been inserted as an aider and abettor Sergeant Sullivan having proved the licence said on Sunday evening last at 830 he visited house He wont in at the kitchen door which was open and passed through a room into tbe bar Thebardoorwasopen was sitting with others at the kitchen fire All the doors were open When witness went into the bar he saw the defendant Kegg behind the counter In front of the bar four men were standing with drink before them Saw one man drinking oat of a glass Asked the men their names but they refused to give them One said his name was Mulligan One at them was a seaman of the ketch Brouewing William Passmore seaman of the ketch Bronsewing lying in the Basin said he had Cm at tbe bite Hart on the evening of the day in question and afterwards was supplied with liquor in the bar by the defendant Kegg Kegg knew that he belonged to the Bronsewing Slept at on Saturday night but not on Sunday night Mulligan asked witness to go into the bar and get something to drink That was when witness was in the kitchen the landlord was sitting in the kitchen By Mr Slept at the White Hart on Satur day evening Spent the best put of the evening there Had dume and tea there on Sunday Slept at another lodging house on Sunday night The general run of ketches do not cook on Sundays It is always customary for their hands to go on shore for meals on Sundays Arranged at (Neill's ou Saturday night for lodging there on Sunday and would probably stay there on Sunday night Mulligan simply motioned for me to go into tbe bar did not hear it Mulligan lodged at Sergeant Sullivan said that was his case Mr Wadey said nothing had been proved against his clients It had not been proved that the persons supplied with liquors were not travellers or lodgers The onus of proof that the paeons supplied with liquor were neither traveller nor lodgers was on the informer Taylorv Humphries 34 LJMC 1 Sergeant Sullivan submitted that he had proved that Passmore was neither a bona fide traveller nor lodger Information dismissed Tuesday July 2Before Mr Scott 8M John Ah Lin a celestial was brought up on remand from the previous Tuesday charged with stealing from the cabin of tbe American ship Nehemiah Gibson at Pert Adelaide on June 3 moneys of the value of £100 the property of Daniel Bradfad master of that vessel The prisoner had been remanded to enable the police to communicate with the prosecutor who had sailed with his vessel for Sydney Sergeant Sullivan now asked for a further remand for a week as the Superintendent of Police had tele graphed to the prosecutor who was believed to be in Sydney but had received no reply He believed that the vessel had not reached there yet Remand granted Mr Carter from Mr appeared by permission for the prisoner and said it was unlikely that the pro secutov would return to Port Adelaide as his vessel was going to America from Sydney The remand was granted on tbe understanding that if Dothingwas heard of tbe prosecutor by that time prisoner would have to be discharged Henry Loquer laborer was charged with in decently assaulting with intent Ac Margaret Elizabeth Smith under the age of eight years at Port Adelaide on July 1 Committed for trial Mail ARRIVAL THE ACONCAGUA The ss Aconcagua Captain Conlan arrived off the Semaphore at a quarter past 9 dock on Tuesday morning after a fair weather passage from London of forty two days Tbe cause of her detention coming up the Gulf was that she put into Glenelg at half past 10 on Mon day night and remained there until daylight The following are the names of the passen gers for Adelaide irst Saloon Mr and Mrs Anderson Mrs England and child Miss orsyth the Rev Tbcmas Hughes Mr Thomas Hughes Messrs red Mann Marsimll Marshall Mathesou and Mrs Arthur Wrench Seennd Mr rank Bradley Mr Clark Sergeant Burt Messrs A Douglas rank owler Leffler A Bamshaw Sawtell Mr and Mrs Smith and two children Messrs Swann John Hughes Imrie McPhensn Richardacm Henry Robinson Rodelf Simpeon Simpson Miss Messrs John Wearne and Thomas Whitely 80 passengers in the third cabin tor Adelaide and 290 passengers for Melbourne Sydney and New Zealand A cabin passenger Mr Arthur Wrench die! on the 21st June of softening of the twain There was no other sickness on the voyage The steamer brings 40 immigrants The following is a summary of the news brought by tbe Aconcagua which left England tab days after the previous mail steamer: DOMESTIC NEWS London May 18 Her Majesty held a Council at Windsor Castle on Thursday afternoon at which the Royal con sent was given to tbe proposed marriage of tne Duke of Connaught and Strathearne to Princess Margaret Louise of Prussia third daughter ot Prince rederick Charles and grand niece of the Emperor of Germany The (jueen and Court go to Balmoral Castle from Windsor on Tuesday next The Prince and Princess of Wales returned from Paris yesterday In the afternoon His Royal Highness held a levee at St James's Palace The Crown Prince of Germany was present Last evening Her Majesty gave a banquet at Windsor Castle on the occasion of the visit of the Crown Prince of Germany to this country It was attended by a number of distinguished guesta most of whom came from London The banquet was laid in the Waterloo Chamber tbe gold service kept at the palace befog used Crown covers were laid for about 70 guests The company included the Queen tbe Crown Prince and Princess of Germany Princess Beatrice Prince and Princess Christian the Duke of Connaught tbe Duke and duch*ess of Sutherland Lord and Lady Cairns Lord Beaconsfield Count Munster the duch*ess of Wellington Lord Camoys the duch*ess of Marlborough and the Marquis of Hertford The Duke of Edinburgh has returned to Malta in the Osborne from Veuics and assumed tbe command of the Black Prince whose orders for the Suez Canal has been countermanded The duch*ess of Edinburgh is now at Coburg Tbe Duke of Connaught is shortly to embark at Queenstown with his regiment for Wool wich A special meeting of the Town Commis sioners was called to consider what steps they should take towards welcoming tbe royal Duke A certain member of tbe Board Mr Horan ol jected to this as mere flunkeyum and corrup Mr Doran stood alone in his opposition to flunkeyirai and the Commissioners resolved on asking the Duke to receive au address Her Majesty accompanied by the Crown Princess of Prussia and Princess Beatrice re viewed the troop of the Aidershot division on the parade ground of the North Camp on Mon day The regiments under arms numbered over 14000 men and the review passed off with every success though its effect as a spectacle was marred by heavy rain during much of the time The appearance of the men especially those belonging to regiments of the irst Army Corps is described as in every way satisfactory notwithstanding the somewhat unfavorable weather The Queen through the Commander in Chief has let the troops at Aldershot know that she was well pleased with their appearance at the recent review Her Majesty expresses special admiration of the bearing of the men from the army and militia reserves It is said that the state of Prince health excites considoable anxiety the slightest exertion completely prostrating him On Monday tbe wife at Mr John Bright died suddenly at his residence One Ash near Roch dale On Sunday Mrs Bright was in her usual state of health and had attended the meeting at the Chapel but the next morning she was found in an unconscious state Medical aid was quickly summoned but in about a quarter of an hour she expired Apoplexy or heart disease is said to have been the cause of death Mr Bright was in Loudon at the time but a message being immediately dispatched for him he arrived home on Monday evening The de ceased was Margaret elder daughter ot the late Mr William Leathern of Wakefield Yorkshire ami became in 1847 Mr second wife Amongst the expressions of sympathy with Mr Bright upon tbe bereavement which he has suffered through the death of his wife was one from Her Majesty which was at once acknowledged by the right hon gentleman Yesterday the remains of Mrs Bright were interred in the graveyard attached to the Meeting House George street Roch dale One hundred and fifty of Messrs Bright's workmen walked in tbe procession On Monday last tbe Marquis of Hartington gave notice that on that day week he would more the following substantive resolution in the House of Commons which he lias been careful to explain does not challenge the general Iicy of the Cabinet: by the Uonstitutiun of this realm no forces may be raided or kept by the Crown in time of eace without the consent of Parliament within any part of tbe dominions of the Crown excepting only such force as may be actuary serving within Her Indian In tlie Commons yesterday Sir Hicks Beach gave notice of an amendment to the motion of Lord Hartington in reference to the Indian troops declaring it to be unnecessary and inexpedient to weaken tbe hands of the Government by adopting such a resolution Lord Hartington in reply to Mr Jenkins stated that it was his present intention to press his motion to a division but circ*mstances might occur to render that unnecessary In the Upper House on tbe same evening Lord Selborne will call attention to the subject in the same sense but will make no formal motion The debates on this constitutional question will no doubt be of great interest In tbe Commons on Tuesday Mr Osborne Morgan found an early opportunity of moving for a Select Committee to enquire and report as to what steps should be taken to simplify aud secure the title to land and to facilitate transfer After some debate in which the Attorney General recognised general con currence of opinion in favor of the the hou and learoed gentleman agreed on the part of the Government to the appointment of the proposed Committee Early on Tuesday morning about 2 a the House went into committee on the Irish Sunday ('losing Bill Repeated motions were made to report progress and adjourn but the supporters of the Bill were in a majority The contest did not end till half past 9 when progress was reported reading of a Bill for extending the suffrage to il boroughs rated at £1 which he calculated would add about 270OJ SeT18 Thtreidy possessed the franchue in the Irish borough ARiedebate was crntinued till past 5 but the only Ipefcr beaides the propo i ItwMtiwnicatbyamaiorita of only 31 the opposition generally voting in ite In the House of Commons Mr Cross answer log questions from Sir Bsrttelot and Mr Dodds as to the steps taken for the protection of life and property in the disturbed districts of Tapcsshire read the latest telegrams received at the Home Office from the country the Chief Contableand the Mayors of Burnley' Blackburn and Prestoo rom these it ap pears that at Preston all is quiet though an uneasy feeling exists that at Blackburn there lias been no renewal of the disturbances and that at Burnley where the police have been reinforced by two troop of cavalry and a body of infantry though note are threatened all i quiet at present At Accrington also distur bances appear imminent and reinforcement of militaiy have been asked for The magistrate are fully alive to the duty of protecting life and property and he had impressed upon them the necessity cf the greatest discretion where military force employed The Committee to supply the Vote for the Stationery Department was debated by the Irish members with much iteration and at great length from various points of view but they objected chiefly to it on tbe ground that it fo eluded part of the expenditure on the obnoxious Colleges The Chairman ruled that as there was no specific item or sum for th Colleges it was not competent to raise th general question of the policy of these insti tutions and this ruling being disputed by Mr Parnell and othm an animated conversation en sued in the course of which the conduct of the was condemned in vigorous term by Mr Cave who spoke of the pre sence of Mr Parnell in tbe House as a curse to the Ultimately after more than three discussion a motion to reduce the vote was negatived by 123 to 20 Vote for the' Office cf Woods and orests and the Office of Works were also agreed to The House then wait once more into Com mittee on the Irish Sunday Closing BUI and Clause 1 after a lengthened discussion was carried by a majority of 42 when progress was reported In reply to Mr Hopwood Sir Seiwin Ibbetson said a correspondence was now talcing place between the home and Indian Govern ments as to the terms on which tenders should be invited for a new contract to carry the mails cd tbe termination on January 31 1880 of the existing contract with the Peninsular and Orein tal Steam Shipping Company In the House of Lords yestenlay in reply to the Earl of Harrowby the Bishop of London said he was not aware that the Rev Mr Edwards the Vicar of Prestbury who has been suspended from his ministrations by the Pro vincial Court of Canterbury bad been selected to preach at St In the House of Commons business com menced at 2 and some time was occu pied with the dismission of an Irish Railway Bill On going into Committee of Supply Mr Bennett Stanford moved That this House disapprove of the appointment of Colonel Wellesley of the Coldstream Guards to the jost of irst Secretary of Embassy at Vienna ever the heads of a large number of old and competent diplomatic On a division the motion was negatived by a majority of 167 the numbers being Ayes 83 noes250 At 7 the sitting was suspended At 9 the House resumed when there not being a quorum present the proceeding were adjourned Mr orster MP was able to go out for a drive yesterday but it is as yet uncertain when he wul be able to resume his Parliamentary duties Since riday last the health of Earl Russell 4 has been in a precarious state On Thursday night tbe condition of his lordship was so critical that death was expected at any moment but soon after 1 an improvement was manifested Yesterdav the noble eul again rallied remarkably and throughout the day this i improvement was fully maintained He was able to take food and to speak to those around him In the evening the reports as to his con dition were still favorable Sir Wilfred Lawson has been suffering from eeogostirm nt the lungs hut is now convalescent A deputation from the Council of the Home Bule League waited upon Mr Butt MT in Publin on Thursday to ask him to continue hi tesdrivhip of the Home Rule party In reply Mr Butt said that in view of the recent reso lution of the Home Rule members and of their declerntion 47 would not expect from him continuous attendance in Parliament he would reconsider his decision It satisfactory to learn from so eminent an antbprity as Mr Mechi that the prospects of the harvest are upon the whole satisfactory A very wet May so far has rather damped the expectations of a great wheat crop on the stiff clay soil but light may rejoice and altogether there is reason to be thankful as compared with the last three unpropitious and unprofitable seasons It is announced that the to thO Queen in favor of a Congress and peace has brn delivered to Mr Croat who has promised that it shall be laid before her Majesty It contain 11955 names all collected in nine days In Consequence of Sir Bryan CLoghlen having definitely accepted a seat in the Victorian he ha intimated to his friends in his desire to resign the representation of the but a difficulty having arisen in conseduenee of Sir Bryan never having takeu the oaths and his seat the case has been referred Mr Williams was ou riday returned for the (hurmartben Boroughs without opposition jie nomination for Oxford University took place 00 Monday when Professor Henry John Steph 0 Smith of Corpus was proposed by the pean st Christ Chureh mid Mr John Gilbert Christ Church by tbe President of St John's The polling extended over five daysnd closed yesterday when it was officially an uouoced that Mr John Gilbert Talbot the Con servative candidate had received 2687 votes and Professor Smith 989 thus giving the former a majority of 1698 The polling for the county of Down to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr bar man Crawford took place yesterday The candidates were Mr Andrew Liberal Viscount Cast lereagh eldest son of the' Marqui of Londonderry Conservative The votes will be counted to day Mr George Palmer the Liberal candidate for Beading has been returned for that borough by 3223 votes a majority of 658 over Mr Atten lorough Tbe Liberal poll yesterday was 429 over the number record at the general elec tion while Mr Attenborough received 87 vote le8 than on that occasion The Sardinia a new vessel ouo of the 'Allan line of transatlantic steamers with about 4oU passengers on board was destroyed on riday at the entrance of Lough oyle the result of an explosion of gas generated by the coal The vessel was outward bound and bad put into the Lough to receive tbe Irish passengers and the mails Three of the pasaengen were killed aud several wounded by the explosion The pas senger reached Derry in steamtugs about 9 at night pr attack upon the Speaker ou riday night missed fire His motion came on earlier tian was expected aud as soon as he got upon his feet there was a stampede leas than 20 member being left in the House Then came the inevitable count out and the intention ot the member for Stoke was thus summarily dis posed of The Manchester Gnardianatnteo that within tbe past few days the celebrated agency case of Williamson Barbour has been settled by the payment to the plaintiff of £60000 together with £9000 costs Profeasor Goldwin Smith proposes returning to his Canadian home next memth Lord Lewisham the Conservative candidate for West Kent was returned without opposition 21J.

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