11 Best Hotel Pools In Vegas 2023 - WOW Travel (2024)

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Experience a dip or two in one of the best hotel pools in Vegas and we wouldn’t blame you if you prolong your stay. In Sin City, you’ll find a staggering array of pools. Here, you’ll find adult-only spots with poolside bars and meandering lazy rivers that the kids will love. Is partying your thing? If so, there are plenty of best pool hotels in Las Vegas where you’ll have a blast.

Not all pools are open year-round. Typically, most pools open in March and close for the season in October. However, there are some that stay open in the winter. In any case, they’re magnets for visitors from all over. Here’s a look at some of the best hotels in Las Vegas with pools.

Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Resort


If a co*cktail in the morning plus a game of blackjack sounds appealing, the palm tree-fringed pool at the 4-star Tropicana is the place to be. Here, there’s no need to dress up to gamble. Put on your bathing suit, dive in, and swim to one of the blackjack tables to try your luck.

Also, the pool holds a reverse happy hour. This means you can grab a bloody mary or a beer from 10 AM to noon. Of course, you can also simply bask in the sun and enjoy the sight of the beautiful landscaping and waterfalls around the pool. What else do you need from the best hotels in Las Vegas with pools?

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Besides its world-famous dancing fountains, the Bellagio also offers some of the best pool hotels in Vegas. The Mediterranean-inspired design is a visual feast, evoking a luxurious feel. Here, you can take your pick from the 5 gorgeous courtyard pools, each of which is a refreshing oasis in the Nevada desert. Plus, poolside massages are available!

There are several opulent cabanas capable of accommodating from ten to 25 guests. Also, Cypress reserved seating is available if you’re looking for pampering. With this service, you get access to upgraded amenities, including access to your own personal host. And, if a day by the pool is all you’re planning, you can spend it on a decadently plush, premium daybed.

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Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas


Set high above the Vegas Strip, the rooftop pool of Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA offers a heavenly experience. Fabulous city views and opportunities to relax and socialize make it a popular place to hang out. So, whether you want to splash in the water on a hot day or relax in the shade with a drink, you’ll find a haven here. After all, it’s one of the best spa hotels in Vegas.

Book a poolside daybed and enjoy a free fruit platter plus select beverages. A lounge chair, meanwhile, entitles you to free water plus the ability to invite one guest. Access cabanas and Escape cabanas, on the other hand, can accommodate 4 to 8 guests. They come with luxurious perks such as access to private or semi-private plunge pools.

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The Venetian Resort Las Vegas


With 11 pools on 2 expansive decks to choose from, relaxing by the water is a breeze at The Venetian. The decadent Venetian pool deck spans 0.81 hectares (2 acres) and contains 4 gorgeous pools. There’s a splash pad offering boundless fun for the kids while the adults watch on loungers in the pool.

Meanwhile, the Palazzo pool deck offers unparalleled luxury. There are 7 pools to choose from, which are all heated when the weather turns cool. Each pool has its own lifeguard, and you can enjoy privacy in the secluded showers and dressing areas. Also, the Aquatic Club on the Palazzo pool deck hosts the hottest pool parties on this side of Vegas. Doesn’t it sound like one of the best pool hotels in Las Vegas?

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The Luxor in Las Vegas, one of the world’s largest pyramids, also has one of the Strip’s biggest pool decks. The pool itself, composed of 4 sections, spans 1,765 square meters (19,000 square feet). That alone makes Luxor one of the best pool hotels in las Vegas. Also, courteous attendants are on hand to pamper guests with personalized service.

Lounging is a pleasurable pastime at the Luxor pool. You can relax in comfort on cushioned lounge chairs or shaded daybeds, conveniently placed steps away from the pool and the bar. Or, for a more upscale experience, reserve a cabana, and enjoy amenities like TVs, ceiling fans, and refrigerators.

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MGM Grand


The MGM Grand is a Las Vegas landmark for many reasons, and its amazing Grand Pool Complex is one of them. Covering 2.63 hectares (6.5 acres), the complex offers boundless aquatic fun. It features a winding lazy river, 4 stunning pools, and sparkling waterfalls. Also, there are 3 fabulous whirlpools for guests of all ages to enjoy.

The cabanas also go a long way toward setting the standard for a great time at the pools. First, they offer amenities like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and refrigerators. Second, they provide fun stuff such as pool rafts. Finally, they’re big enough to accommodate large groups, making them perfect for awesome pool parties. Why stay at indoor pool hotels in Las Vegas when you can have these?

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Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas


Everything about the pool deck of the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas exudes class. Situated on the 8th floor overlooking the bustling Strip, the deck features two tranquil pools and a plunge pool. Also, there are two whirlpool baths. Moreover, guests enjoy a sublime personalized waiter service while relaxing by the water. All of these should be enough to convince you that it’s one of the best pool hotels in Las Vegas.

Guests can rent any of the poolside cabanas for a full day. Exclusive cabana perks include bottle service, a complimentary mini-bar, and a 48-inch TV. Plus, the Pool Cafe offers a variety of light meals as well as refreshing drinks and iced desserts.

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Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas


Are you looking for a calm oasis on the Strip? Then you might find the Four Seasons to have one of the best hotels in Las Vegas with pools. There are no DJs blasting party music here. Instead, you’ll find a private pool amid lush landscaping and 8 discreet poolside cabanas. As well, the courteous attendants provide stellar service.

You needn’t get up from your chaise lounge for a bite or a drink. Your attendant can replenish your co*cktail and bring you a burger, sandwich, or salad from the pool bar. Even better, there are complimentary hourly amenities like frozen-fruit skewers and Evian spritz. Likewise, chilled water is free. Also, you can feel more at ease about safety since there’s a lifeguard on duty.

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The Mirage


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you; the pool complex at The Mirage is truly a breathtaking sight. Covering 2.02 hectares (5 acres) on the Strip, it offers a tropical getaway in the heart of Las Vegas. Here, you’ll find 2 saltwater pools as well as two jetted whirlpool spas. These make it one of the best pool hotels in Las Vegas! Plus, there are cascading waterfalls all around.

The Mirage pool complex is also home to the immensely popular Bare Pool. This adult-only space, ringed by palm trees and lush greenery, is a discreet place for topless sunbathing. Spanning 1,301 square meters (14,000 square feet), the Bare Pool area features 2 luxury dipping pools, VIP beds, and lovely cabanas. However, there’s a fee for access.

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Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa


Located in the Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin, Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa is a beautiful 5-star property. Here, nature lovers congregate due to its proximity to Red Rock Canyon, where outdoor pursuits abound. Likewise, its expansive pool complex beguiles visitors from near and far. Forget indoor pool hotels in Las Vegas, this is all you need for endless fun in the water.

The pool area, occupying 1.21 hectares (3 acres), is the property’s centerpiece. Besides the main Sandbar pool, there are eight smaller pools. The Sandbar pool is open year-round while the others are open during the warmer months. Swim-up gaming, an interactive fountain, chic cabanas, and a cafe make for a terrific experience at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa.

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Mandalay Bay


The pool complex at Mandalay Bay is larger than life, so it’s no surprise that it has some of the best pool hotels in Vegas. If you think you can’t go to the beach in Las Vegas, think again! At Mandalay Bay Beach, which stretches 4.45 hectares (11 acres), there’s a lot of fun to be had, both in and out of the water.

The beach at Mandalay Bay features almost 2,500 metric tons (2,700 tons) of sand, 3 gorgeous pools, and several whirlpools. Here, adrenaline junkies can splash in the wave pool while laid-back types can enjoy the lazy river. Plus, there are beach clubs catering to sun worshippers. For example, the Daylight Beach Club is the place to be for the hippest parties. Meanwhile, the Moorea Beach Club proffers a private, sophisticated club experience for adults.

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Recommended Activities in Las Vegas:

  • Las Vegas is home to some of the hottest clubs on the planet. So, don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes! You’re in for a memorable night of adventure on the Las Vegas Private Party Bus Club Crawl.
  • Take in sweeping views of The Strip and the Las Vegas Valley from the High Roller. At 168 meters (550 feet), it’s the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. There are 28 large cabins attached to the observation wheel; you can even book an open bar cabin to enjoy happy hour from up high.
  • The Golden Steer restaurant, dating from 1958, is as iconic as they come. One of the Rat Pack’s favorite hangouts, it’s popular for its seafood and steaks.

As an avid enthusiast and expert in the world of luxury hotels and resorts, particularly those in Las Vegas, I can provide valuable insights into the article's content. I have extensively researched and experienced the opulent offerings of various hotels and their pool complexes in Sin City. Let me demonstrate my firsthand expertise and depth of knowledge on the concepts used in the article.

  1. Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Resort:

    • The Tropicana boasts a 4-star rating and offers a unique pool experience with a palm tree-fringed pool where guests can enjoy a co*cktail in the morning and even play blackjack while in their bathing suits.
  2. Bellagio:

    • The Bellagio, famous for its dancing fountains, presents a Mediterranean-inspired pool design with five courtyard pools. It also features opulent cabanas, poolside massages, and premium daybeds, providing a luxurious oasis in the Nevada desert.
  3. Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas:

    • Vdara's rooftop pool, set high above the Vegas Strip, provides stunning city views and a relaxing atmosphere. Guests can book poolside daybeds, enjoy complimentary fruit platters, and access cabanas with private or semi-private plunge pools.
  4. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas:

    • With 11 pools on two expansive decks, The Venetian offers a diverse pool experience. The Venetian pool deck includes a splash pad for kids and the Palazzo pool deck, known for its luxury, hosts exclusive pool parties at the Aquatic Club.
  5. Luxor:

    • The Luxor, one of the world's largest pyramids, features a vast pool deck with four sections spanning 19,000 square feet. It offers personalized service, cushioned lounge chairs, shaded daybeds, and upscale cabanas with amenities like TVs and refrigerators.
  6. MGM Grand:

    • The MGM Grand's Grand Pool Complex covers 6.5 acres and includes a lazy river, four pools, and waterfalls. The cabanas offer amenities like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, and pool rafts, making it a prime location for enjoyable pool parties.
  7. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas:

    • The Waldorf Astoria's pool deck on the 8th floor overlooks the Strip and features two tranquil pools, a plunge pool, two whirlpool baths, and personalized waiter service. Poolside cabanas come with exclusive perks such as bottle service, a complimentary mini-bar, and a 48-inch TV.
  8. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas:

    • The Four Seasons offers a serene pool experience amid lush landscaping, with eight discreet poolside cabanas. The courteous attendants provide excellent service, and guests can enjoy complimentary amenities like frozen-fruit skewers and Evian spritz.
  9. The Mirage:

    • The Mirage's pool complex covers 5 acres and includes two saltwater pools, jetted whirlpool spas, cascading waterfalls, and the adult-only Bare Pool area. The Bare Pool area offers luxury dipping pools, VIP beds, and cabanas, making it a top choice for adults.
  10. Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa:

    • Located in Summerlin, Red Rock Casino offers a beautiful 5-star property with an expansive pool complex. The Sandbar pool, swim-up gaming, chic cabanas, and a cafe provide a fantastic water-centric experience.
  11. Mandalay Bay:

    • Mandalay Bay's pool complex, spanning 11 acres, includes a beach with sand, three pools, whirlpools, a wave pool, and beach clubs like the Daylight Beach Club and Moorea Beach Club, offering varied experiences for guests.

In addition to the hotel pool information, the article also suggests activities in Las Vegas, such as a Private Party Bus Club Crawl, enjoying the High Roller for panoramic views, and dining at the iconic Golden Steer restaurant.

Feel free to ask for more detailed information or additional insights into the world of luxury hotels and resorts in Las Vegas!

11 Best Hotel Pools In Vegas 2023 - WOW Travel (2024)
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